AngularJS Jumpstart

AngularJS Jumpstart

In this course you'll learn the key concepts needed to get started building AngularJS applications, such as controllers, scope, views, routes, factories, services and more. The course provides step-by-step walk-throughs and coding demos that enhance the learning process. By the end of the course, you'll understand how all of the AngularJS pieces fit together and be able to apply this knowledge to building your own custom SPAs. You will have walked through of all of the key components in AngularJS and built a working Single Page Application.

Course highlights:
• Benefits of Single Page Applications
• Why Use AngularJS?
• Key Components Provided by AngularJS
• Teach HTML New Tricks with Directives
• Build Controllers and Bind Data to Views
• Use $scope for Data Binding
• Understand the Role of Modules
• Understand how to use Factories and Services
• Learn how to "jazz" up your SPAs with Animations

Course Details

2-Day Course with labs/hands-on exercises
1-Day Course (lecture only)

On-site and virtual


Attendees much be comfortable working with JavaScript to take this class. A minimum of 6-months of JavaScript experience is recommended to get the most out of the course.

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