Docker for Developers

Docker for Developers

Docker is taking the world of microservices architecture by storm. Just as the standardization of shipping containers simplified the process of shipping merchandise by providing a uniform interface, Docker has done much the same thing for deploying discrete application services with individual containers that can be scaled independently, without the overhead incurred by virtual machines. But while Docker might provide tangible benefits to IT teams, it also has a role to play for software developers, by allowing them to build applications in the same environment as production.

In this vendor independent course presented by a recognized expert, attendees learn to install Docker, build images and create containers, as well as use Docker Compose to deploy multi-container applications with components that must interact with one another. This is a hands-on course where you will gain practical experience in using Docker to develop web applications with Nodejs and ASP.NET Core that run in containers on Linux and Windows Server 2016. You’ll also learn how to map folders back to source code on your development machine, so that you can quickly make changes and watch them take effect in a Docker container.

Course Details

1-Day Course with labs/hands-on exercises
1/2 -Day Course (lecture only)

On-site and virtual

Attendees should be familiar with running and deploying software in production.

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