Java 8 Programming - What’s New in Java 8

Java 8 Programming - What’s New in Java 8

The Java 8 Programming - What's New in Java 8 course is designed for experienced Java developers who wish to get up and running with Java 8, taking advantage of all of the new features of Java 8 immediately. Throughout the course attendees learn the best practices for taking advantage of the new functional programming constructs in Java as well as the other new features in this major update to the Java programming language.

Course highlights:
• What functional programming means and what it brings to the table
• How Lambda expressions and functional interfaces can greatly enhance other aspects of Java
• To use the new Stream constructs to work with Collections and Collectors
• How to work with default methods and pass methods as arguments
• How to use the new features to support concurrency in multi-code systems
• To work with the new Date/Time API and other new features
• Functional programming
• Anonymous functions
• Lambda expressions and default methods
• Streams and Collectors
• New Date/Time API
• StringJoiner and repeating annotations

Course Details

2-Day Course with labs/hands-on exercises
1-Day Course (lecture only)

On-site and virtual

Attendees should have a working knowledge of developing Java applications.

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