JEE Web Application Development

JEE Web Application Development

The JEE Web Application Development course begins with coverage of the web application architecture. A major part of the course is spent on Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP). It then covers interacting databases using JDBC, Java’s database access technology. Students learn about the capabilities of servlets, their advantages, servlet architecture, session management and about JSP syntax, deployment, and application models, how to use Java as a scripting language, how to use custom tags, and how to build robust and capable web applications using Servlets and JSP. The course also includes an introduction to Web Services. This course concludes with an examination of JEE and web application security providing attendees with an understanding of the importance of defensive coding practices. Attendees will learn not only specific topics and APIs but, also how to fit the pieces together into a complete application.

Course highlights:
• Design and build web applications from both business and technical requirements
• Build web interfaces with JSPs and Servlets, using the latest technologies in JEE.
• Write maintainable web applications that separate HTML and Java
• Understand the design and development of web applications using Servlets and JSPs
• Work JEE’s version of dependency injection
• Make Servlets cooperate and share data
• Store and process session information
• Deal with concurrency issues
• Understand and create JavaServer Pages (JSPs)
• Link Servlets and JSPs
• Use the built in JSP objects
• Embed JavaBeans in a JSP
• Use JavaBeans in a JSP
• Use servlets and JSP together
• Access databases with JDBC
• Understand and work with JEE persistence options, including JPA
• Work with annotations included in JEE
• Expose web components as web services
• Recognize basic web security vulnerabilities and implement effective defenses

Course Details

5-Day Course with labs/hands-on exercises
3-Day Course (lecture only)

On-site and virtual

Attendees should have a working knowledge of developing Java applications.

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