Modern Web Development

Modern Web Development

Attendees learn how to develop modern web applications using a combination of JavaScript, AngularJS, Ajax, ASP.NET Web API, HTML5 and CSS techniques. Attendees also learn to create modern client-side web applications that use document object model and JavaScript runtime.

Course highlights:
• JavaScript and how it differs from languages like C# or Java
• Modern client-side framework AngularJS and see why it's so powerful
• Use Ajax and ASP.NET Web API to transport data between the client and server
• New HTML5 features such as web storage, offline, and web sockets
• Use CSS and LESS to style your web applications using the Bootstrap framework

Course Details

5-Day Course with labs/hands-on exercises
3 -Day Course (lecture only)

On-site and virtual

Attendees should have experience in building web applications and an understanding of HTML and JavaScript.

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