Spring 3.0 and the Enterprise

Spring 3.0 and the Enterprise

The Spring 3.0 and the Enterprise course provides the essential skills to design and implement Spring applications that effectively and transparently use various enterprise systems, tools, and technologies. This in-depth course covers the key concepts and best practices for interacting between Spring and relational databases, security components, distributed resources, web services, messaging, EJB3, and other components.

Course highlights:
• Core Spring Framework (including Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, and Aspect-Oriented Programming)
• Spring and Persistence (including Spring DAOs, Transactions, and working with JDBC or Hibernate)
• Spring Views and Rich Interfaces (working with Spring MVC, Spring WebFlow, Ajax, Struts, or JSF)
• Spring Security (including interceptors, authentication managers, access decision managers, and filters)
• Spring Integration (powerful framework for implementing message- based workflows)
• Spring and Java Messaging Services (working with JMS)
• Spring Enterprise Services (working with JNDI, Timers, JMX, and batch)
• Spring Remoting (working with RMI, Hessian, Burlap, and HttpInvoker)
• Spring-WS (including web service endpoints, marshalling/unmarshalling, and gateways)
• Spring and REST (including support for RESTful services)
• Spring and EJBs (working with various types of local and remote EJBs)
• Spring and Testing (working with JUnit and Mock Objects)
• SpringSource Tool Suite (covers tooling as well as use of the SpringSource's tc Server)

Course Details

5-Day Course with labs/hands-on exercises
3-Day Course (lecture only)

On-site and virtual

Attendees should have a working knowledge of developing Java applications.

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