SQL Server 2012 for Developers

SQL Server 2012 for Developers

The SQL Server 2012 for Developers course covers everything a developer needs to know about writing SQL applications and provides the definitive hands-on training for SQL Server developers. Attendees learn to write robust code for maximum database performance, re-usability, and extensive application modularity.

Course highlights:
• Full comprehension of the architecture of SQL Server
• Detailed understanding of how SQL Server handles memory and threading
• Effective techniques to read query plans and assign indexes
• Skills to conquer the new data types and language features in T-SQL, like common table expressions, upserts, try/catch error handling, and windowing functions
• Powerful knowledge of the Entity Data Framework and SSDT
• Invaluable information on the built-in auditing abilities of SQL Server reflecting the latest trends
• In-depth analysis of locking, blocking, transactions, and isolation

Course Details

4-Day Course with labs/hands-on exercises
2-Day Course (lecture only)

On-site and virtual


Attendees should have previous experience working with T-SQL, SQL Server and Visual.

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