Test Driven Development in C#

Test Driven Development in C#

The Test Driven Development in C# course not only teaches participants how to write unit tests, but gives them the proficiency needed to employ them effortlessly in their work. At completion of this course, students will be able to take new requirements and quickly implement them through the use of TDD to produce working, bug free, software. This course will spend a significant portion of time working with the technologies your team is currently using

Course highlights:
• Overview of Agile
• Getting Started with TDD
• Behavior Driven Development
• Advanced User Scenario Testing
• Refactoring & Emergent Design
• Seams & Dependency Injection
• Writing tests against web (ASP.NET) and client applications (Windows Forms and WPF)
• Produce cleaner, more modular code
• Avoid the pitfalls of un-manageable tests
• Use of automated regression suites
• Learn to deliver code in significantly shorter release cycles

Course Details

4 -Day Course with labs/hands-on exercises



Attendees should have a basic understanding of C#.

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