The .NET Framework with C#

The .NET Framework with C#

The .NET Framework with C# course provides developers with the critical skills they need to develop .NET applications using C#. The course begins with a thorough exploration of the "managed code" model - from "source code in Notepad" all the way through "CPU instructions executing on a CPU". Attendees learn common idioms like code-behind and partial classes, how to handle memory management issues, the "IDisposable" design pattern, how to use C# functional idioms and LINQ to write compact, powerful, expressive, fluent code. They also learn how to work with designers and tools to manage XAML, Code Behind, and Partial classes. And of course we examine the major class libraries, including the collection classes, LINQ, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Parallel Framework Extensions, ASP.NET, XAML based UI and WCF.

Course highlights:
• Review Object-oriented principles
• Learn how to build classes with custom events and delegates
• Exposure to important .NET idioms, patterns, and best practices
• Use XAML, code-behind and partial classes
• Functional C# programming using Delegates and Lambda Expressions
• Use LINQ to access objects, XML, and SQL relational data
• Write Metadata-driven code, including properties, events, and custom attributes
• Access Relational Databases and stored procedures using ADO.NET and the Entity Framework
• Build web sites with ASP.NET MVC
• Design and build web services using WCF
• Leverage the power of multi-threading and thread-safety in .NET with the parallel framework extensions
• Learn best practices

Course Details

5-Day Course with labs/hands-on exercises
3-Day Course (lecture only)

On-site and virtual


It is highly recommended that students take the C# Programming course before taking this course or have at least 6 months of hands-on programming experience with C# and feel comfortable working with C# syntax.

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