Most dev teams know exactly what they want.

The challenge today lies with finding an instructor that can truly impact the team, that can deliver when the team needs them and one that can customize the course to that team's particular dev situation.

Our team and principals have been treating the world's best instructors like gold for over 25 years. This has enabled them to build the best relationships around the world.

We leverage this trust and knowledge to provide the absolute best, immediate solution, to your need.

“I partnered with Kliant for the instructor experience and they delivered! Their instructor first approach, such as upfront payment, is unbeatable. I have known the principals for over 20 years.” - Donis Marshall, November 2015


To the instructors: It is our privilege to work with you. We understand and respect how busy you are as a top instructor…therefore we strive to help you maximize your time and earnings through the following programs.

- Pre-paid instructor fees

- Royalties paid upon receipt of class roster

- Travel paid immediately upon receipt

- ‘Pass-through’ services

- Gold level logistical support so that you are free to teach, consultant and create new classes

Kliant has two critically important customers…you the instructor and the training client.

Pre-paid instructor fees

Travel paid upon booking

Gold level logistical support for materials, facilities and all of the little things

'Pass-through' services for instructors

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...supporting the world's best instructors

  • Pre-paid instructor fees
  • Travel & expenses paid in real time
  • Gold level logistical support for items like travel, course materials, facilities and set-up
  • Royalties paid immediately upon receipt of class roster
  • The best of the best instructors are no longer exclusive
  • Our goal is to support the instructor so that they maximize the learning experience for the customer
  • Our principals and team have been working with the top instructors in the industry for decades

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