Our Passion

We want to be that group that was able to produce a solution under tremendous time constraints.

Our goal is to leverage our strategic knowledge of the industry to design and deliver a 'best-in-class' instructor & learning experience for your unique training engagement."

75% of the training can now be delivered effectively via on-demand solutions these days. We fit in when a self-paced solution is not enough. We bring the best ILT instructors in the world to bear when the training needs to impact the team immediately and effectively in-person.

Video- ‘just-in-time training’

Once our discovery process is complete and we truly understand what you want to accomplish with your training project….we then rotate to designing a solution with one of the best instructors in the community.

We leverage the fact that 90% of the instructors are now independent and are not tied to one firm.
We take advantage of this change that occurred in the great recession by being able to work with so many more instructors than previously available and by our gold level treatment and support of these instructors (see our instructor page). This combination enables us to provide to you the most nimble and effective solution possible. And it enables us to adjust on the fly when the training solution has to be amended due to project changes etc.

Pre-paid instructor fees

Gold level logistical support for materials, facilities & all the small details

'Pass-though' services

Travel paid upon booking

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