Training solutions

App Dev & Software Design

Most dev teams know exactly what they want these days.

No dev team typically needs exactly what another team would need in another company. The differences usually reside within the project itself, the dev environment, time lines and the team’s experience level.

That’s were we fit in. We deliver, just-in-time, customized training solutions, that needed to be delivered yesterday.

.... we blend ILT, VILT, labs, on-demand and other tools to deliver exactly what the dev team knows it needs, when it needs it.


Delivery Combinations & Preparation

A typical training engagement nowadays is a fluid one. The ability to adapt and change the engagement in real-time is key component of any training project. Here are few tactics, combinations and preparation steps we use when delivering our training:

  • Delivery - ½ day prep class + a main 3 day on-site subject matter expert instructor lecture with demos & hands-on exercises + a ½ day class with remote homework
  • Delivery - 1 day intensive immersion class with a later remote open session with demos
  • Delivery - On-site lecture only with hands-on exerices/labs provided as homework
  • Delivery - On-site ½ day, lecture, demos & hands-on exercises for 2 teams/groups of developers
  • Preparation - Live on-site 1/2 day class on the high level concepts
  • Preparation - On-demand delivered high level concepts videos
  • Preparation - Remote ½ day session with homework assignments